October 2017 Cygnus

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Commodore's Report

Dear Members,

Building Report

The building renovations are basically complete but will still be subject to final inspections and repairs. The administrati​on office is also now complete and fully functioning along with the dining room which is suppling an excellent choice of meals from the top team in the Galley. A reminder to please book this area to avoid disappointme​nt.

Ongoing works will continue outside with the removal of the dingy racks and the new racks to be installed. These will be behind the bin area after major earth works have been completed to level the existing trailer parking area in preparation for the water storage tanks and a pump station for fire fighting. This is a requirement order from DEFAS because the street hydrant as inadequate water supply.


As you are aware we are having some difficulties in the bar area with the increased numbers trying to get served quickly and efficiently. These areas have been noted as work in progress as we require more points of sale and training, another glass washing machine and more dedicated staff for this function. Please be patient and enjoy the facilities with these upcoming events:

Open Mic Night Friday October 13th
Commodores Ball Saturday October 21st (point event)
Melbourne Cup Tuesday November 7th
Open Day Sunday November 12th
Ladies Lunch Friday December 1st

Please note the lawn will be replaced on the 9th and 10th of October so keep off until the barricades are removed. The better weather is now making an appearance so get your boat ready for the summer season and book your slip cradle early.


Daniel Evas


Kevin Bielby

General Manager's Report

Thanks to all the members who flocked to the club to watch the Tigers break their premiership drought and maul the Crows over the weekend. It was a great day with the Tigers theme song on repeat for most of the day adding to the atmosphere.

Around the club

Membership – If you haven’t renewed your membership by now you will be in for nasty surprise when you’re next down at the club with membership renewals now past the final due date. The club has endeavoured to remind members of the membership obligations at every cross road. Again please contact the club to ensure you are up to date and able to enjoy your membership in full.

Functions and Events – 21st October Commodores Ball and 7th November Melbourne Cup are our next two great club social opportunitie​s for members and their guests. The Commodores Ball is a ‘point event’ for those full members whilst Melbourne Cup is simply a great way to get your team together and enjoy the fantastic day in a picturesque setting. The club Open Day was a resounding success last year and this year we aim to bring more activities for the young ones as well as some special offers for the oldies with the theme for boating members everything ‘Viking’.

Smoking - I encourage us all to be mindful of the fact that disposing of cigarette butts inappropriat​ely around the club affects the environment and smoking within the licensed area is prohibited. There are smoking dispensers located on the corners outside the alfresco licensed areas as well as bins to dispose of rubbish throughout the entire lease area when next butting out and or disposing of waste in general.

Car parking – With the removal of the demountable offices members will enjoy the use of extra parking bays and members are reminded to display their sticker on their winds screens.

Member’s guests – Reminder that members are permitted the invite the same guest a maximum of 5 times after which time that person is required to either join as a member or not permitted to utilise the facility as a guest any further. It is in everyone’s best interest to encourage guests to abide by the rules and regulations and apply for membership at the club that is Bringing life to the River.

On water activities

The East Fremantle fuelling station remains out of action until further notice.

Members looking to secure a spot on the slips need to contact Natalie well in advance, as the weather warms up so too does the demand for the cradles.

A note to the Pen licence holders, boating partners and ramp users who have not met the mandatory attendance and or participatio​n to 5 Club Point events. You will shortly be receiving corresponden​ce from the Mooring Committee regarding this matter.

Boat sales – with a number of boats recently departing opportunitie​s have opened up for new members to jump on board and secure a pen. There is minimal waiting periods for pens up to 11 mtrs. Email me on for further information

Building update

With the administrati​on team now back in the office the front entrance is now open. Natalie is located in the front foyer to answer all your needs. We are slowly returning to some sense of normality with the reconnecting of phone lines and IT installation. In time, further improvements to the club will continue including increased signage and furnishings in and around the new facility.

From Monday civil works will commence in the trailer bay area as we push towards completion of the pumps and tanks installation. Please ensure vehicles and vessels have vacated the area by Sunday night. Vehicles or vessels left in the area may be towed from site with the owners held responsible for the cost of contractors on standby.

In closing, support our club sponsors, encourage your family and friends to join the vibrant Swan Yacht Club community, be respectful of staff and your fellow members and don’t forget to book when you are next heading down for a meal, function and or event.

Damien Gaspar
General Manager

Vice Commodore Report

Dear Members,

Well at last spring is with us and with that the Swan will once again come alive “bringing life to the river”. Our club was graced by many hundreds of footy fans on grand final day both upstairs and down. The food was hot and the beer was cold and everyone had a wonderful time (including me).

Upcoming events include Open Mic Night Friday 13th October, always a winner and my personal favourite. This year’s Commodore’s Ball on the 21st October will have an Old Shanhai theme and will undoubtedly be another great success with seats filling fast. So why not gather the troops and book a table and join us on this night of night extravaganza.

Another event not to be missed is our annual Melbourne Cup day. With two affordable packages this year its sure to be a winner yet again. Hope to see you there.

As many of you may have noticed we now have a snooker table installed upstairs. This table is supplied by the Fremantle Club and is in excess of 100 years old. We have invested in a full refelt and respectfully request, having experienced issues already, that you restrict its use to adults and supervised youngsters of a suitable age only so it gives great joy to our members for another 100 years.

Well that’s it from me for another month and as usual I wish smooth seas and fair winds to you all.

Warm regards,

Paul Nicholls
Vice Commodore

Rear Commodore Power and Angling

Welcome anglers, spring has sprung and we have 2 weeks left before the demersal fishing restrictions apply. We had a fantastic September competition with excellent numbers and great weather (see below for Ian’s report).

Our junior anglers achieved beyond their years. Congratulati​ons to Thomas Conti and Jake Strager for achieving season records. Special thanks to Mitchell Conti for providing the burley, while Thomas hauled in his massive flathead!

Our Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club competed in a 12k paddle at Maylands with all local clubs. Congratulati​ons to our strong team of paddlers. We won the event in 58.18 minutes, improving on our time from last year. Due to bad weather our COME AND TRY DAY was cancelled, so we are holding another event on SUNDAY 8TH OCTOBER from 10.00am to 1pm with a free sausage sizzle for all attending. Look forward to seeing you there with ages ranging in the club from 12years to 70 years. The members would like to congratulate 5 of our paddlers as part of the Australian team who are flying over to China for the WORLD DRAGON BOAT CHAMPIONSHIP​S in October. We wish them all the best of luck.

And now angling details from our angling editor Ian Hall;

Steve Browne
Rear Commodore
Ph. 0409330412

Angling Report - 17th SEPTEMBER 2017

Our September 'Field Day' was our second angling competition for the season and judging by the turnout and number of anglers it appears the BATTLE IS ON!

Our junior anglers really showed the big boys how it's done with Jake Straker bringing in a massive squid that claimed the season record and was just short of the club record. He also won the 'Captain's Trophy' and the $100 prize that went with it - good on you Jake! Young Tom Conti also excelled with two season records, a massive flathead and herring and also won the second spot for the month - well done Tom Tom! The boys are already in the lead, so let's hope they keep up the momentum to the winning post. To our other Juniors, Tyler and Jono Sandy, Harry Bridgeman and James Harwood, there is still a long way to go, so sharpen those hooks and get out on the big blue and show them what you can do. Not forgetting our seniors, Ken & Neil Bailey, both caught season record fish too, Ken with a lovely Dhufish and Neil with a nice Baldie. Jamie Sorrell also brought in a lovely season record Pinky weighing 6.7KG. Keep up the good work guys and don't let the juniors show us up.

With the 'Demersal Ban' due to be enforced on the 15th October till the 15th December, our next 'Field Day' will be on Saturday 14th October, weather permitting. A few of us may get across to Rottnest on the Friday evening for a 'Raft Up' and an early start on the Saturday, if you are interested in doing this please let me know.

A Happy Birthday goes out to Owen Blackbeard & Colin Sandy who both recently celebrated Birthdays - All the Best Guys!

A big thank you to all our sponsors - Anglers Fishing World, Riverton-Rossmoyne Veterinary Hospital, Compleat Angler, MM Electrical, Travis Sims Tackle and Phil Scott Sinkers! All support the angling section with 'gift vouchers' and 'prizes' for our monthly Field Days. Also a big thank you to all the SYC members and visitors who support our weekly raffles at the Club on Friday nights, your support helps keep the angling section going and we also sponsor other needy activities within the Club, so dig deep guys we need your support.

We advise all SYC angling members that the Club boats the 'Dave Birchenough' and the 'School Boat' are used on all of our 'Angling Field Days', so if you are an angling section member without a boat looking for a spot on a boat please contact Travis Sims by email - If all the spots on the two Club boats are taken, we will try and find you a spot on another boat. The normal contribution towards fuel & bait is $50 for a day out on one of the Club boats, but bear in mind you could quite easily win your contribution back in prizes, so come along and have some fun. As a SYC member you are entitled to join the angling section 'free of charge' as part of your SYC Club membership. You and your family are most welcome to come along and try your skills at fishing.

You can also view the angling section on our face book page -​527/.

Till Next Month, Stay Safe & Happy Fishing

Ian Hall
Editor - / 0412 949 323

Ladies Auxiliary Report

Hi Everyone,

At last some sunshine along the boaties to get things in order for the summer months with anti-fouling, cleaning, upgrading equipment for safety and the other numerous things involved with having a boat, no matter the size. Lots of grumbling over the hard work and cost of unexpected problems with engines and other running equipment no doubt but at the end of the day, as that boat heads up the river or out of the heads, there is no other feeling like it. All your troubles get left behind for the moment and all the hard work and expense is worth it. As we all know there are some lunatics on the water, the same as on the land, who have no concern for the safety of either their passengers or other boats on the water. Obey the rules and use common sense or the water becomes a dangerous place. Like a lot of boats, ours is slow and we’re happy with that, but since the 8knot sign in the entrance to the harbour was moved further down the harbor many of the skippers with fast boats think it’s a mini race course. They hit the sign and take off at 20/30knots an hour. Eventhough our boat is a 38 foot and solid we get tossed around like a cork, things go flying and get broken in the cabin and we have to hang on for grim death. It’s worse when there’s young ones on board. We have seen small craft get literally swamped and people get hurt. Meanwhile the skipper/s on the faster boats take off, drink in hand, oblivious to the mayhem they have caused others. Its only another 500 mtrs out of the harbor so just a bit of consideratio​n is all it takes.

The Commodores Ball is only a few weeks off on the 21st October and plans on being a spectacular occasion. Last month we published a photo of our little red dragon who is downstairs in the restaurant, along with some flyers for you to take home, explaining the exciting theme of a “Night In Old Shanghai”. Our Commodore, Kevin Bielby, was originally in the Dragon Boat Club so it seemed appropriate to have a Chinese theme while also honouring the Dragon Boat Clubs long history with the SYC. Some of you are still asking what to wear, so if you don’t wish to go Chinese there are two hire places around town. For stunning after five glamour go and see Louise Scanlan from “Ignite The Nite” on Market St Fremantle. If you would like to dress in 1920-30’s stlye call Tina at “Vintage Illusion” located in Melville. She has an amazing range including accessories and something for the gents as well. For hair And makeup google "Eleventh Hour” mobile service. Speak to Ebony. Book tickets for the ball with Natalie at the office and don’t be disappointed as tickets are limited. Don’t forget the upstairs is now accessible by lift.

Also coming up is Melbourne Cup. Check the Cygnus and displays around the club for details. Another amazing day at the club and a chance for all to dress up and have a great day by the river, have a few tickets in the sweep and maybe win a little money. “Ignite the Nite” are also hiring Melbourne Cup fashion.

Friday the 13th we have the Crooners in the top bar from 7pm onwards. This has become really popular and if you can sing, fancy you can sing, or even if you can’t sing but love to give it a go (may take a few drinks!) here is your opportunity. This is a great chance for members to get together, catch up and have some fun. All are welcome with each member allowed to bring along 5 guests. You may be asked to show your membership card as it is the staff’s duty to do so.

Keep Friday 1st of December open for the Ladies Christmas Lunch. It will be upstairs and accessible by lift if needed. This is a very popular event for the ladies with a fashion parade from “Jewels by the Sea” resort wear, short talks by local business women and a day just for the “girls” who put so much into Christmas for everyone else. Make a booking at the office.

Until next month, catch you at the club.

Marian Byfield
Ladies Committee

Swan Yacht Club
Riverside Road
East Fremantle WA 6158
Ph: (08) 9339 3520
Fax: (08) 9339 5995