November 2017
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Commodore's Report
Dear Members,

Building Report
The building renovations are basically finished but will be subject to final inspections and repairs. The front garden beds have now been planted and the earth works are still continuing for the fire fighting water storage tanks and dinghy racks.

There have been some thefts and attempted thefts on boats so please be mindful of this when smaller boats are casing the jetties for possible targets. On a better note the ducting across the jetties for electrical cables have been removed to make it easier for trolley movement on the jetties.

The Commodores Ball was a huge success attended by over 180 guests and members is being touted as the biggest and best ever. Once again a big thank you to the ladies committee and those who helped them with the set up and decorations. Also big thanks to the galley lead by NOE with a very successful menu and presentation delivered with precision by our excellent staff under the direction of Dave and Kayla, well done. (Check the photos out on the Swan Yacht Club Facebook page)

Open Day - Sunday 12th November with Viking theme sail past (water based point)
Members Sundowner / Open Mic Night - Friday 17th November

Recently 5 of our Dragon Boaters who represented Australia in the World Dragon Boat Championship​s in China came home with 5 Gold and 12 Silver medals. The gold winners raced in the 2K event to beat the before unbeaten Canadians by 9 seconds, the medal tally is incomplete as some have not come home yet (party time) well done.

Kevin Bielby
General Manager Report
What an outstanding start to the warmer weather. Friday nights are bubbling full of activity, kids face painter, BBQ’s about to kick off, outdoor bars, members and guest debriefing after the busy working week and before you know it we are back for the Sunday sessions enjoying the idyllic location with friends sharing stories on the one that got away and exploits from the night before. I appreciate the members who have taken time out to offer suggestion through the member’s portal and on how to improve their club experience. In essence, the feedback and suggestions we receive creates a strategy to understand and cope with our competition.

Around The Club
If you haven’t already noticed the club has increased its online presence keeping active across all our Social Media channels. Make sure you check out our fresh new Facebook and Instagram pages.

Ryan Khong has come on board as our Digital Marketing Coordinator. Get in touch with Ryan if looking to increase your club related activity. marketing@swanyachtclu​

Membership continues to steadily climb and I would encourage members if they have a guest considering getting on board to make that commitment sooner rather than later.

The Commodores Ball and the Melbourne Cup have been our two most recent outstanding events and I’d like to thank the Ladies Committee, staff, administrati​on including kitchen for their efforts ensuring that these two major club events were a success.

This weekend will be dominated by Sunday’s Open Day and I encourage all members and their guests to get along and get involved in the festivities. The weather will be fine and we will have something for everybody on the day. Please contact the office to confirm your attendance on the day.

In an effort to curb any criminal activity keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and don’t hesitate to report matters to Police with accurate information including descriptions of persons of interest and or details of vehicles used including registration​s.

Member’s guests: Reminder that members are permitted the invite the same guest a maximum of 5 times after of which time that person is required to either join as a member or not permitted to utilise the facility as a guest any further. It is in everyone’s best interest to encourage guests to abide by the rules and regulations and apply for membership at the club that is Bringing Life to the River.

Well done and thanks to the members who attended and carried out works at the Busy Bee. The white and bright Bosun shed looks great!

On Water Activities
The speed humps scattered throughout the marina have been removed improving the amenity for members.

Jetty Power boxes are being upgraded, mainly due to persons running trolleys into the connections. This maintenance is expensive and greater care is required when navigating trolleys on the jetties.

At the recent Open Mooring Meeting, Commodore Bob Trotter OAM RAN (Ret’d) presented on the fate of HMAS Sydney. On behalf of the club well done Bob and we hope to have you back again for more informative presentation​s related to our maritime history.

Pen licence holders, boating partners and ramp users who have not met the mandatory attendance and or participatio​n to 5 Club Point events by now have received some corresponden​ce and I ask if you have a query please put it in writing so the matter can be dealt with accordingly.

Building Update
We patiently await the completion of the carparks, signage and the final environmenta​l improvements along the overflow car park side of the club and once complete we can all take stock of the vast improvements and manage the final fitout of pre-existing furnishings.

The Swan Yacht Club is a club that arguably is the most environmenta​lly engaged with around 800k of improvements committed to the club over the past 18 months.

A 10 year marina maintenance and capital expenditure plan is in place which includes such items as the Jetty 5 replacement and ramp upgrades. The focus of our Management Committee will be redirected in due course with the aim to meet the proposed timelines and associated costs.

With a purpose of giving members and locals access to an involved boating community and the social benefits of a ‘river side lifestyle’, vision of ‘bringing life to the river’ and our 3 strategic pillars;

1. Facilities and Infrastructu​re
2. Attracting and Engaging People
3. Financial Sustainabili​ty

The club will remain on course experiencing positive trends across all 3 pillars = long term success.

In closing, thank you to those who attended the events and activities over the past fortnight. With so much on the calendar including Ladies Christmas Lunch, Members Nights, Angling & Christmas events there is something for everybody. Support the affiliates and get on board!

See you at the club!

Damien Gaspar
General Manager
Vice Commodore Report
Dear Members,

Well its certainly been a busy month at the club again. Our most recent Open Mic Night was frequented by some extremely talented performers. Our resident group, The Crooners, gave their usuable best and entertained the crowd with a wide variety of songs from different eras and genres. Invited guest singers didn’t disappoint either, there certainly are some outstanding amateur talents out there and they grace us with their presence at our club. Awesome. Several surprise acts came forward from our own membership ranks and amazed us with their abilities also.

These fabulous people all contribute to yet another sensational Open Mic Night, a big thank you to Di Schoch for stepping up and running the event as Peter and Joy Mitchell are away. Great job Di, well done. My thanks and congratulati​ons to you all.

Now, I strongly urge you all to consider attending our next Open Mic Night which will be held on Friday 17th November upstairs and it will not disappoint I'm sure. Hope to see you there.

Last months Commodore’s Ball was a huge success but I'm sure Kevin has told you all about that.

Well that’s it from me everyone except to remind you all that we have strict dress code which we politely ask you and your guests to adhere to after 7pm. Two words guys and girls “Smart Casual” lets make it a habit, easy as that.

As usual I wish you all smooth seas and fair winds till next month.

Warm Regards,
Paul Nicholls
Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore Report
Welcome Anglers; at last there appears to be boating weather on the horizon and although the demersal fishing restrictions apply until the 15th December we can apply ourselves to stocking up on crayfish for the festive season.

Please note:
Revised rules apply to Recreational Lobster Fishing:
· Female setose lobsters can now be taken.
· Rock lobster tails (shell on) may now be kept at your principal place of residence.
· Pot specificatio​ns have been simplified.
Please refer to the Recreational fishing guide 2017/18 at:​_fishing/licences/rec_licence_​rock_lobster.pdf

We had a fantastic October competition, enjoying outstanding weather, with excellent numbers of competitors weighing in a good range of fish species, including several good sized Dhufish. Six new season records were achieved on the day. (See below for Ian’s report)

Our Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat club excelled in China, with two of our paddlers in the Australian team which won GOLD in the 2k race and in doing so they beat the undefeated Canadians by 9sec. What a great effort for the Australian team!
Overall our Fremantle Swan Dragon boat club paddlers won 5 GOLD and 12 SILVER. Two of our paddlers, competing for the first time in the World Championship​s, won 4 SILVER medals each. We are all extremely proud of the Dragon Boat competitors, not only for their achievements at the games, but also for their commitment to fitness, attending training camps at their own costs; they are all a great inspiration to our sporting club. Once the team members return to Australia the Dragon boaters will be warmly welcomed back at the Swan Yacht Club.

And now angling details from our angling editor Ian Hall;

Steve Browne
Rear Commodore
Power and Angling
0409 330 412
Angling Report
Our October 'Field Day' was held on Saturday 14th instead of the Sunday as the 'Demersal Ban' was enforced on Sunday 15th October till the 15th December. A few of us got across to Rottnest on the Friday evening for a 'Raft Up' in Geordie Bay and an early start was planned for the Saturday, it was a lovely night in the bay and a good time was had by all. Our next 'Field Day' will be on Saturday 11th November as the SYC's 'Open Day & Sail Past' is on Sunday 12th November.

Don't forget the Angling Section's BBQ is on Saturday 18th November at 12.00 O’clock at the Naval Cadet's Veranda next door, all Anglers and their families are welcome.

Six new Season Records this month, the 'Green
Team', Brad and Michael both bringing in Season Records and Diane Hedland, the first lady to bring in a Season Record this year with a nice Leather Jacket - well Done Di!
Team Bailey again caught Dhufish and other fish, well done Neil and Ken Bailey. Travis Sims is still leading the pack and just hope he maintains his status with Gil Sander looking over his shoulder. James Aps, our Captain, has made it to the Top Three for the month. Ben Antony, a new member who used to fish with the Angling Section as a boy with his Dad Rob has bought a lovely new boat and has returned to join us again, Ben won the Skippers Prize for the month - well done guys!

A Big Thank You to all our sponsors - Anglers Fishing World, Riverton-Rossmoyne Veterinary Hospital, Compleat Angler, MM Electrical, Travis Sims Tackle and Phil Scott Sinkers. All support the Angling Section with 'Gift Vouchers' and 'Prizes' for our Monthly Field Days. A big Thank You to all the SYC Members and visitors who support our weekly Raffles at the Club on Friday Nights, your support helps keep the Angling Section functioning and also supports other activities within the Club, so dig deep guys we need your support, help us help others.

All SYC Angling Members - The Club Boats the 'Dave Birchenough' and the 'School Boat' are used on all for our 'Angling Field Days', so if you are an Angling Section Member looking for a spot on a boat please contact Travis Sims by email - If all the spots on the two 'Club Boats' are taken, we will try and find you a spot on another boat. The normal contribution towards Fuel & Bait is ~$50 for the day, but bear in mind you could quite easily win your contribution back in prizes - so come along and have some fun, and as a SYC member you are entitled to join the Angling Section 'free of charge' as part of your SYC Club membership. You and your family are most welcome to come along and try your skills at fishing.

You can also view the Angling Section on our Facebook page.

Till next month, stay safe & happy fishing

Ian Hill
Editor / 0412 949 323

Ladies Auxiliary Report
Happy November everyone,

Where has this year gone? It seems like the longest winter of all time and no spring. I don’t really care myself as I like all weather, we live in a great spot and try to enjoy life regardless.“Mardon” has been slipped and is back in the water ready to go when we are. So what more can we ask for.

The Commodore’s Ball was a huge success and the club looked amazing as all Barb Jeffreys’ decorating ideas came together. Along with help from the Ladies Committee, Les Jeffrey, Paul Nichols, John Cleary, Kevin Bielby himself and partner Margot Thorn. Of course ideas come with work and work comes from willing committees and hard workers. Everyone dressed to the occasion, the food was authentic (prepared by Noe and his team and served by our cheerful amazing staff, well done to all) The Rob Anderson Band performed Jazz and dance music to suit the occasion, also the performance by the Chinese Dragon’s were a show stopper. All in all it was a spectacular event, and shows the popularity of Commodore Kevin Bielby for a record attendance of 180 guests.

The Ladies Christmas Lunch is on the 1st Dec and once again Julie from “Jewels By The Sea” will be displaying her beautiful resort wear in a fashion parade modelled by Ladies within the club. There will be displays by “La Fields” bath and body products including beautiful Natural Soy candles and “The Little Seed” Plant company. This is a popular event with the ladies and will cost $40 for lunch with a glass of bubbles on arrival. It’s a day to spoil yourselves amidst all the preparing and shopping that goes into the Christmas Season.

There’s a Members Sundowner on Friday 17th November. This is a chance for members to catch up and have some time together, and don’t forget Open Day on the 12th November. It will be a Viking Theme for the sail past so dress your boat to win the prizes. Face Painting for the kids and lots of fun to be had. On the subject of kids, I sat on the flybridge of our boat on jetty 1 on Sunday the 22nd of Oct and watched as a group of boys ignored all warning signs by hurdling the barrier rope on the loading jetty and jumping off the jetty chasing plastic bottles they had thrown in the river. These then floated with the tide up river. As boats came and went they dodged around them and one boy was heard yelling in panic as a boat reversed towards him “Can you see me?” The skipper of the boat did see him and gave him a telling off, but it didn’t stop them. Meanwhile a group of toddler size children were congregating on the boat ramp. Someone told them to move away from there, but they were soon back. Kids will be kids and this is all so tempting and so much fun, but also very dangerous. Its up to the parents to keep an eye on such happenings before there is a serious accident. If you have guests with children please let them know what is off limits, for safety sake. Enjoy our club, but respect other people and property.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Marian Byfield
Ladies Committee
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