March 2018
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Commodore's Report
Hi Members,

We are approaching a practical completion of our building renovations with the dinghy racks completed and waiting the commissioning of the fire pumps / tanks and also warranty works which will complete our involvement with the builder. Other projects the club will be undertaking are drainage swale in the western car park, a requirement of the Swan River Trust. Also we will be placing a security fence around the fire pumps and tanks, sound proofing partition upstairs between the kitchenette and stairwell surrounds, extra CCTV around the club and jetties and integration of monitoring of the security system. The line marking has now been completed thanks to our member Steve White. In the near future new memorabilia cabinets will be installed in the new lounge / dining area and new comfortable furnishings in that area.

Well summer has officially ended but there is plenty of good weather to come. There is fishing club every month during the year with the big Intra Fishing competition 8th April for all members and guests with over $15000 to date of prizes up for grabs. As members we encourage you to vote for Swan Yacht Club as Clubs WA People’s Choice of the Year 2018 or look on our web site for more information.

Kevin Bielby
Vice Commodore Report
Hello Members,

Following on from our half year annual meeting last week, which I might add was extremely well attended and for those of you that are our valued social members and weren’t in attendance I would like to report to you that our beloved Swan Yacht Club is thriving. With our increasing popularity we have hosted many successful events in recent months such as Melbourne Cup, our Commodore’s Ball and of course the ever popular Club Open Day, New Years eve, the Habitat Garden Party and Australia Day and many more. All of these events have proven to be a great success for the Swan and indeed for all members. Your management team along with a dynamic young woman called Jo from Pollen Strategies are working on our next 5 year plan, which will take us well into the next decade and in doing so, we hope to secure the clubs future for many generations yet to come. We feel this proactive and progressive approach will help safe guard the long term profitability and sustainability of our establishment to ensure our continued success in “Bringing Life to the River”.

I had the honour of attending another club’s 60th anniversary celebrations a short time ago and it made me realise our club, having been established since 1904, is one of the longest enduring yacht clubs in WA’s history and we just keep getting better. I’m proud of our club and its achievements and I hope you are too.

Well that’s it from me for another month and as usual I wish you all fair winds and smooth seas my friends.

Warm Regards,
Paul Nicholls
Vice Commodore
General Manager Report
Dear Members,

The Swan Yacht Club mourns the loss of Fremantle Sailing Club, Vice Commodore, Rob Thomas and Paul Owens who tragically lost their lives while competing in the Bunbury and Return Ocean Race over the weekend. A memorial service will be held at Fremantle Sailing Club Friday 2 March 2018 from 5.30pm. All are invited to join the sailing community in remembering both sailors.

Around the club

5 Year Plan
The second planning session for the clubs Five Year Strategic Plan was carried out over the weekend with Committee Members and Staff aiming to continue ‘Bringing Life to the River’, progressing the clubs claim of being the most inclusive and family friendly membership based destination of choice whilst offering boat owners value for money.

Half Year Annual General Meeting
I was pleased to see so many of our Full Members attend the Half Yearly Annual General Meeting last week. Special mention goes out to the Department of Transport, Marine Safety Old4New lifejacket program presentation and those who took the time to share their thoughts on the club during general business and thereafter.

Contractors have been onsite over the past week attending to the line marking for parking bays including motor cycle bays, loading bays, trolley bays, boat trailer bays, the wash down areas and the eastern car park.

Outside toilets
The outside toilet doors are now on an automated system and will be accessible for general use during the following times:

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am – 7pm

Social members looking to access the toilets after hours are able to collect an access device from administration where a charge of $20 applies.

Outside shower
Due to popular demand the club has installed a temporary shower located between jetties one and two on the shoreline. We encourage members and their little ones looking to freshen up after a swim to utilise this facility and or the external shower facility over the internal club facilities.

Angling Section
Well done to the team for their presentation on ‘How to use your sounder’. Great initiative. I would encourage all boating members and guests to keep an eye out for future presentations.

House Support System
Reminder Quarter Two House Support runs out at the end of March; don’t be caught out not maximising your membership.


Department of Parks and Wildlife
The club hosted members of The Department of Parks and Wildlife last week for the annual Environmental Management System review. I am proud to say that the recent initiatives such as the slip fencing, car park drainage system, Storm Water Management Plan and environmental initiatives recently introduced with the club house was well received. The Club expects the formal review results to be available in the not to near future.

Dinghy rack
The dinghy rack is now installed and there is temporary numbering attached to the frames. In the coming week a dinghy trolley will be available for use. The trolley will need to be returned to the rack and secured after use. Full conditions of dinghy rack use will shortly be available which will include a requirement that members clearly highlight their name and membership number.

In closing, it was pleasing to see many members take up the option of the Members Sundowner on Friday night, enjoying the river view in company with like-minded club members.

Make a note in the diary to head to the club on Sunday 18th March where we will be hosting a long list of our local sporting identities and club members both past and present.

We will be celebrating the fast approaching WAFL/ AFL season and you will hear from the coaches about the fortunes of the Dockers. Be able to get up close and personal with the Sharks aiming to add to their 29 premierships.

Kid’s activities on the day include petting zoo, autographs hunting, interactive inflatable sports, challenging our stars to a longest kick comp and bowling the googly to one of our Australian cricketers on hand and best of all, the $2000 Members Draw is going to go off!

Check out the flyer for full details.

Get on board and join us in ‘Bringing Life to the River’!

I look forward to seeing you all down at the Swan.

Damien Gaspar
General Manager
Rear Commodore Report
Greetings Members,

Club Boat – David Birchenough
There have been numerous enquiries about a more relaxed policy for use of the David Birchenough club boat. As a result, this has been discussed with the management committee and the mooring committee. A new policy has now been drafted which will be uploaded onto the web site in the next couple of days. In summary, it allows any FULL MEMBER to take the boat out for a day for personal use, in return for a contribution towards the upkeep and maintenance of the boat. This amount is a fixed daily amount irrespective of how far you travel and irrespective of how many on the boat. The boat must be returned as it was loaned, i.e. full of fuel and in the same state of repair. The boat and maintenance contribution must be booked 48 hours in advance of the use. The exception to this is on Angling event days where the Angling section will manage it separately and under their own rules.

Boat Ramp
Members using the boat ramp are reminded that driving their boats onto their trailers is not permitted at the Swan Yacht Club. There have been a couple of recent incidents where this has occurred and the water movement has significantly washed out the base of our ramp. This may require some remedial work. Please ensure that we look after our assets and do not power your boat onto the trailer. We also remind members that boats should be driven at idle speed in and out of the boat ramp. Please be considerate of other members that may be asleep on their boats, if departing first thing in the morning.

Out on the Jetties
A couple of housekeeping reminders for members;
· Members are reminded to return the barrows to the entrances of the jetties after use. There have been numerous members who have left the barrow on the jetty as they have departed. This makes it difficult for other members who need to go hunting for a barrow when they arrive. We have some new barrows being made up by one of the Clubs very kind sponsors – Shoreline Marine. Watch this space as they should be arriving in the next month or so.

· If you make a mess on the jetty, please clean it up. There are one or two patches of oil stains on the jetties where members or their contractors have left a mess. The member responsible (even if it was a contractor working on your boat) will be charged a clean-up fee if this occurs in future.

· The spill kits on the jetties are not to be used for rubbish disposal. Please inform your crews and friends that the skip bins in the carpark are for that purpose. We have had to clean out the spill kits on a couple of occasions recently.

· Pen ropes and power leads to be stowed in a reasonable manner on jetties and pylons. Ropes and power leads not to be scattered over jetties and walkways as trip hazards or pen ropes floating through neighbouring pens to foul propellers.Service/ramp jetties for loading and unloading only. No extended stays without exceptional circumstances or prior approval.

· Trailers are not to be left unattached, left in car parks for extended periods without permission from the office. It also must have your sticker on it. Any member found leaving their trailer will be charged storage temping fees.

· Car loading area between jetties 2 and 3 is a 15 minute zone only. Please do not leave your car there for longer.

New Dinghy racks
To the corner of our premises near the sea container and the water tanks, there are some new vertical dinghy storage racks. If you already pay a dinghy storage fee, you may move your dinghy into the new racks. A new trolley is being made to enable members to move the dinghies from the rack down to the boat ramp. Please bear with us while this is being done. In the meantime, a barrow or sack trolley will make do. If you don’t already have permission to store your dinghy on premises and would like to, please contact the office for fees and charges. Also please ensure that your dinghy is marked with the registration of the boat that it is tender to, and ensure that it is registered with the office. Any dinghies that appear without this will be removed.

Points Policy
There were a number of queries about the new points policy during the recent Half Year AGM. To clarify;

· The new policy is effective immediately and will be used in the tally of points in July for the 2017/2018 club year.

· It is the members responsibility to manage their points (unless exempt under the new policy). Once the cut-off date has passed (i.e. 30th June 2018) there will be no flexibility afforded to achieve the points retrospectively. If the member notices that they are short of points in the lead up to the cut off date, they should contact the office immediately to discuss options for resolving their shortfall. If they wait until after the cut-off date – a fine will likely be issued.

· The policy can be found on the web site.

Rear Commodore
Ian Harwood
Rear Commodore Power & Angling Report
Welcome anglers,

As you are all probably aware, we are in the final process of commissioning works on the fire fighting tanks and pump system in the Southern area of carpark, which has reopened parking areas for our trailer boat members. We are considering options for boundary fencing and further demarcation of dedicated trailer boat parking areas to assist members in parking correctly in the allocated areas.

We have been advised that Department of Transport (DoT) is closing the marine services counter at Marine House, 1 Essex Street Fremantle; please refer to the following notice:

We had a very successful February competition, enjoying outstanding weather, with excellent numbers of competitors (40 anglers / 17 boats), weighing in a good range of fish species: See below for Ian’s report with special reference to young gun Tom Conti who now holds 2 season records, which I believe is assisted by his ability to provide his own burly!!!


And now angling details from our angling editor Ian Hall;

Steve Browne
Rear Commodore
Power and Angling
Ph: 0409 330 412
Angling Report
Our 'Field Day' on Sunday 4th February was to make up for our December 'Field Day', and the 'Field Day' on the 10th December was to make up for our August 'Field Day', all too confusing but we are now on track with having held a 'Field Day' for each month to date.
Our February 'Field Day' was on Sunday 18th February with our next 'Field Day' being on Sunday 18th March 2018.

What a disastrous day it was for Klaus and myself on 'Escape', Klaus's watch battery was running flat and obviously stopped unnoticed a few times during the day which made us late to the 'weigh in' by approximately 45 minutes and we were consequently disqualified, 'Rules are Rules' !! But what hurt was, I had a 4.125kg Baldchin Groper which would have been a Season Record, along with a nice Skippy, Herring and Tarwine, and Klaus had a nice Herring which would have easily taken away the Dave Birchenough Trophy and won the $100 on the day !! What is the saying....'S--t Happens' and worthy of the NAFA award !!

Tom Conti won the Dave Birchenough Trophy and the $100 Bounty with the largest Herring weighing 0.245kg which was also a Season Record. Well Done Tom !! We had Alan Rodeghiero taking out the 'Top Gun' for the month and Ken Bailey also bringing in another Season Record Leatherjacket and Scott Nestrovic with a Season Record King George Whiting weighing 1.223kg.....nice KG Scott !! I can see it is going to be a fight to the end for the 'Top Spots' between 'Team Bailey' on 'Silver Tongue', Travis Sims and James Aps on 'Pink Slapper' and Gil Sander and Owen Blackbeard on 'Predator'.

May the Best Angler and the Best Boat win !!

A Big Thank You to all our sponsors - Anglers Fishing World, Riverton-Rossmoyne Veterinary Hospital, Compleat Angler, MM Electrical, Travis Sims Tackle and Phil Scott Sinkers !! All who support the Angling Section with 'Gift Vouchers' and 'Prizes' for our Monthly Field Days.

A Big Thank You to all the SYC Members and Guests who support our weekly Raffles at the Club on Friday Nights, your support helps keep the Angling Section interesting and also supports other needy activities within the Club, so dig deep as we need your support, help us help others !!

All SYC Angling Members - The 'Dave Birchenough' and the 'School Boat' are used on all for our 'Angling Field Days', so if you are a Angling Section Member without a boat and looking for a spot on a boat, please contact Travis SIMS by email -

If all spots on the two boats are taken, we will try and find you a spot on another boat. The normal contribution towards Maintenance, Fuel & Bait is ~$50 for the day out on one of the Club Boats, juniors are 'free' accompanied by an adult. Bear in mind you could quite easily win your contribution back in come along and have some fun, and as a SYC member you are entitled to join the Angling Section 'free of charge' as part of your SYC Club membership. You and your family are most welcome to come along and try your skills at fishing.

Intra Club Fishing Competition - This annual Club event is going to be held on Sunday 8th April 2018 !! So please lock this day away in your diaries as it is expected to be our biggest event yet. If you want to get involved as a Sponsor please contact any Angling Member or myself. All Sponsors from $200 upwards will benefit from free advertising at the Club, on our banners and flyers and on the day itself. Come along and be part of this great day, it is a 'Club Point' event too !! You can also view the Angling Section on our Facebook page.

Till Next Month, Safe Boating & Happy Fishing.
Ian Hall - Editor & Field Day Officer / 0412 949 323
Ladies Auxiliary Report
Hi Members,

Well there goes summer, not our usual extremes of heat but pleasant enough especially for those who hate the really hot weather. This long weekend is the GIFAA weekend at Garden Island so many of the boats will be heading off and enjoying what plans to be a great long weekend weatherwise.

Keep your eye on the ENews for up and coming events at the club. Due to a new social committee being formed with the Ladies committee as part of it I do not have much to report until it is up and running and some events planned over the winter months specifically for the Ladies of the club. I have several friends who have booked weddings at the club and are so impressed with everything. Beautiful décor, amazing menus, (something for everyone’s price range) and a spectacular outlook. Bookings are required well in advance.

I’m sure there will be some beautiful balmy summer nights to enjoy during March and April, whether its around the club or on your boats, so whatever you’re doing enjoy and be safe.

Until next month,
Marian Byfield
Ladies Committee
Upcoming Events

March 2018
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