February 2018
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Commodore's Report
Hi Members,


Sadly Chef Noe and Keith have left the club, but on good terms. Being replaced by Executive Chef Craig Hicks bringing a wealth of experience from his vast career. Our new Food and Beverage Manager Tanya Critchley also with vast experience will be assisting Craig to create a smooth and professional operation.

The fire pumps and tanks will be commissioned hopefully this week for testing to complete our building compliance.Matters regarding the building renovation topics and warranties will be discussed this week to finalise the contract with the builder.

Trail Boaters
Some of these ramp users are still ignoring the rule of No Powering boats onto trailers. The past few months there has been extensive damage to the ramps by undermining the concrete slab and supports which in turn will leave us a substantial repair bill.

A reminder the speed limit in the club is 4 knots

Australia Day was another huge success at the club with well over 400 revellers attending. Future events, please book to avoid disappointment.

Valentine's Day - February 14th (Browny Point Event)
Chinese New Year - February 16th (with Craig's Asian delights)
Members Night - February 23rd @ 5 p.m. followed by Open Mic Night @ 7p.m.
Half Yearly AGM - February 28th (Point Event)

We have a busy Month ahead again so come on down and join in the fun.

Kevin Bielby
General Manager Report
The first stage of the clubs second Five Year Strategic Plan kicked off last month with a number of Social members engaged to provide their valued input. Following on from this Committee and staff have commenced their planning sessions aimed at confirming the clubs planned trajectory with a mission of ‘Bringing Life to the River’.

Around the club

New Furnishing
Pleasing to see members enjoying the new relaxed furnishing options on the deck over the weekends. If you have not seen the lounges, do yourself a favour, buy your partner a drink, head upstairs, relax into a lounge and feel the daily grind wash away.

Don’t forget to book!
Members are reminded to book with reception if they are coming down for dinner. Booking a reservation assists with catering and minimizes any potential lengthy delays. At the same time tables will only be reserved for a maximum of 15 minutes past the reservation time unless the club is advised of any reasonable delay.

House Support System
Please ensure all House Support Levies are paid up to keep up with your membership obligations and making the most of your club membership.

Half Year Financials
Half year financials will be available for Full members from next Monday in time for the Half Year AGM scheduled for the 21st February 2018.

Vigilance required
Members are encouraged not to leave any valuables unattended in their vehicles when visiting the club. On occasions undesirables have been witnessed scoping the car park areas for a soft target.

Australia Day
Thank you to the members and guests who attended the Club’s Australia Day celebration. Families and friends made for an outstanding vibe which was complimented with great music and activities throughout the day.

Well done to those who participated in the Longest Kick competition including ‘Super Boot’ Kim Sorrell who managed a paltry maximum distance of 14 metres, wind assisted.

Check out the clubs Facebook site and or website for the full set of Australia Day event photos.

Keep up with all the club activities through Facebook, weekly Enews, Instagram and / or the Club website including Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Open Mic Night and our February Members Sundowner.

Angling Section
The Angling Section has been active over the past weekend with some good species recorded. Well done to those who participated and if you are thinking of ways on how to earn a club point or are just wanting to make the most of your club membership contact Angling Captain, James Aps 0413 272 381.

Scheduled health check maintenance works on the jetties undercarriage is currently underway.

Recently introduced signage can be found at the entry points to the slipway. Please ensure when using the slips you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of use and take time to consider the environment when disposing of any materials.

Members are reminded that driving your vessel onto trailers is not permitted; doing so damages the ramp and in effect impacts the use of the facility for other members.

If you have organised a contractor to complete works on your vessel ensure you confirm their attendance with reception. Contractors attending unannounced will not be permitted to enter to marina facility and more importantly Contractors who carry out poor work practices e.g. leaving the club facilities in a poor state and are not environmentally conscious risk having access to the club facility revoked.

As reported in the Commodores report fire pumps and tanks will be commissioned shortly before we move onto the final outstanding matters related to environmental compliance in the western carpark.

In summary, the second half of the financial year is packed full of ongoing activities and member engagement offers. Get on board with our club affiliates. Live the Act, Belong and Commit message and join us in ‘Bringing Life to the River’!

I look forward to seeing you all down at the Swan.

Damien Gaspar
General Manager
Vice Commodore Report
Hello Members,

Well it seems that attendances are not letting up with strong support continuing through our glorious yet windy summer.

Many Members I’ve spoken with believe we will enjoy a late and hopefully long summer pushing through into a fabulous autumn which I believe to be the best season as its particularly boating friendly.

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk a little about the rules of the house for the ‘Swan’. Most Members are aware that we have a strict dress code after 7pm however there are other items which need to be remembered and adhered to. For instance, bare feet on the licensed premises in particular inside the clubhouse are not permitted as this is primarily a safety hazard to do with broken glass. Not surprising, however we as Members especially parents need to be actually acutely aware of this to prevent danger. Our staff are extremely diligent and efficient in retrieving any breakages however its possible to miss small fragments!

Dogs are another poignant issue. We all love dogs however club rules state that they cannot enter a licensed premises unless they are a guide dog. Please leave your fur babies outside of the club house grounds. Our staff will organize a water bowl for you to ensure they are hydrated.

Your children, ladies and gentlemen are your responsibility (for life generally!) Please do keep a watchful eye on them around the waters edge and jetties etc. Want to see them have fun without the tears that accompany misadventure.

Open Mic Night is on again Friday 23rd February, immediately after the Members Draw and our upcoming Members Night upstairs! Come down to join in the fun, it’s a great night!

Well that’s it for me till next month.

Wishing you all,
Fair winds and smooth seas,
See you at the club.

Warm Regards,
Paul Nicholls
Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore Power & Angling Report
Greetings Members,

Club Boat – David Birchenough
There have been numerous enquiries about a more relaxed policy for use of the David Birchenough club boat. As a result, this has been discussed with the management committee and the mooring committee. A new policy has now been drafted which will be uploaded onto the web site in the next couple of days. In summary, it allows any FULL MEMBER to take the boat out for a day for personal use, in return for a contribution towards the upkeep and maintenance of the boat. This amount is a fixed daily amount irrespective of how far you travel and irrespective of how many on the boat. The boat must be returned as it was loaned, i.e. full of fuel, and in the same state of repair. The boat and maintenance contribution must be booked 48 hours in advance of the use. The exception to this is on Angling event days where the Angling section will manage it separately and under their own rules.

Boat Ramp
Members using the boat ramp are reminded that driving their boats onto their trailers is not permitted at the Swan Yacht Club. There have been a couple of recent incidents where this has occurred and the water movement has significantly washed out the base of our ramp. This may require some remedial work. Please ensure that we look after our assets and do not power your boat onto the trailer.

We also remind members that boats should be driven at idle speed in and out of the boat ramp. Please be considerate of other members that may be asleep on their boats, if departing first thing in the morning.

Out on the Jetties
It disagrees with me to have to highlight a number of common courtesy housekeeping issues, but I feel we must, given there are some members who have become lax in their efforts, in this regard recently;
  • Members are reminded to return the barrows to the entrances of the jetties after use. There have been numerous members who have left the barrow on the jetty as they have departed. This makes it difficult for other members who need to go hunting for a barrow when they arrive. We have some new barrows being made up by one of the Clubs very kind sponsors – Shoreline Marine. Watch this space as they should be arriving in the next month or so.
  • If you make a mess on the jetty, please clean it up.
    There are one or two patches of oil stains on the jetties where members or their contractors have left a mess. The member responsible (even if it was a contractor working on your boat) will be charged a clean-up fee if this occurs in future.
  • The spill kits on the jetties are not to be used for rubbish disposal. Please inform your crews and friends that the skip bins in the carpark are for that purpose. We have had to clean out the spill kits on a couple of occasions recently.
  • Pen ropes and power leads to be stowed in a reasonable manner on jetties and pylons. Ropes and power leads not to be scattered over jetties and walkways as trip hazards or pen ropes floating through neighbouring pens to foul propellers.
  • Service/ramp jetties for loading and unloading only. No extended stays without exceptional circumstances or prior approval.
  • Trailers are not to be left unattached, left in car parks for extended periods without permission from the office. It also must have your sticker on it. Any member found leaving their trailer will be charged storage temping fees.
Rear Commodore
Ian Harwood
Ladies Auxiliary Report
Hi Members,

Australia Day was a big one at the club and all the young’uns had a great time. Some of us from the boating fraternity who were headed to Garden Island for the weekend changed our minds due to the strong winds and stayed on our boats in the pens. With boats loaded with food and the necessary liquid refreshments for a few days, we were able to have family visit so grandkids could swim and kayak. We had front row seats for the kicking competition, and other activities. James Turnbull, SYC Treasurer, who was retrieving the balls on his jet ski……….. slacked off his job and stopped by for a beer. The balls were going everywhere and we managed to score a couple for the grandies. We set up a barbecue under the TS Perth verandah and with the Karaoke machine cranked up had the best Aus day ever. Other boating members anchored in the bay and a great time was had by all.

As usual lots going on in and around the club so keep your eye on the E News and Cygnus. For the romantic at heart come along and enjoy the 3 course Valentines Dinner on the 14th Feb, or the Chinese New Year celebrations on the 16th. There will be fun activities and entertainment. There is a Members only night on Friday the 23 followed by open mic night. The last members night was a huge success and not one to miss. The Open mic night is gaining popularity and lots of fun, as I say if you love to sing, whether you can or not, this is your time to have a go. With our new Food and Beveridge Manager Tanya, and Executive Chef Craig on board functions are promising to be exciting and new menus interesting and delicious.

Due to some personal reasons Don and I will unfortunately not be able to attend some of the functions we would normally be at, and will miss catching up with other members and friends at the Members night.

Until next month,
Marian Byfield
Ladies Committee
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